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This category lists pages which transclude {{cite journal}}, where a digital object identifier doi value has been specified but then recognised as inactive.

This may represent:

  • An incorrectly specified DOI. In this case, the DOI in question should be corrected.
  • A DOI awaiting entry into the CrossRef system. In this case, the DOI will soon be active, and a bot will remove the doi-broken-date parameter next time it checks the transcluding article. The article will be correctly listed in this category but does not require further editing until the DOI becomes active.
  • A system error with the DOI resolving agency. This should be reported to the DOI resolver (e.g. Crossref) so that it can be fixed.
  • Publisher issues. A new publisher may have taken over a journal, or a publisher may not yet support DOIs. In this case, the DOI may not produce a hyperlink but still serves as a permanent identifier for the article in question. It should be marked using the |doi-broken-date= or newer |doi-inactive-date= parameter of {{cite journal}}. The article will then be correctly listed in this category until the DOI becomes active.
  • Internal use only DOI. The American Medical Association, for example, assigns a DOI to all of its journal articles, but many of these are only in the META tags on the web pages and Crossref will not resolve these. Since these can be found with an Internet search engine and might eventually resolve they should be left in the citation. Sometimes changing the prefix from 10.1059 to 10.7326 work.

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