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Usage[edit | hide]


This template will add the appropriate ordinal indicator to a given integer.

Use {{Ordinal|integer|sup=yes}} to display the ordinal suffix in superscript. Do not use superscript notation in the article space, per this section of the Manual of Style.

For an integer ending in 1, 2 or 3 (except for integers ending in 11, 12 or 13), the ordinal suffix will be -st, -nd and -rd, respectively. To display -d for the ordinal suffix rather than -nd and -rd, use {{Ordinal|integer|d}}.

This template should not be used in running prose in articles; it is intended for automated script processing of numeric data. Writing something like "in the {{ordinal|16}} century" serves no purpose, and just makes the wikicode harder to understand and edit.

Examples[edit | hide]

Code Result
{{Ordinal|101}} 101st
{{Ordinal|-102}} -102nd
{{Ordinal|102|sup=yes}} 102nd
{{Ordinal|103}} 103rd
{{Ordinal|103|d}} 103d

Other[edit | hide]

  • This template can be substituted.

See also[edit | hide]

  • {{Cardinal}}, which removes the ordinal indicator from an ordinal number
  • {{Ordinal to word}}, which produces the spelled-out form, "first" "second", etc.

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