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See Wikinews:Style guide for more information on citing your sources.

Usage[edit source | hide | hide all]

    |title=Las Vegas hosts digital nirvana 
    |author=Alf Hermida 
    |pub=BBC News Online  (The parameter "|publisher=" is an alternate usage)
    |date=January 3, 2006
  • If you cannot find the author of a source, leave that field blank. Do not use 'staff reporter' or similar. List syndicate in the author field.
  • Put in a (second level) section labeled Sources (==Sources==).
  • Format date as shown above.
  • Always try to cite multiple independent sources.
  • Articles that don't provide a URL are listed at Category:Articles with broken source templates.
  • Category:Citation templates lists templates for offline news sources.
  • For unsupported URL schemas (like mms:) use brokenURL=true.
  • For publications (the 'pub=' or 'publisher=' parameter) please specify the exact same name under which the publication appears on Wikipedia.
  • On those rare occasions when publication name should differ from publication link target, use additional parameter 'pubtarget='. You can also use this to specify a target project other than English Wikipedia.
  • For an unavailable source (brokenURL=true) of an archived article, you may provide information about archival copies of the source using 'archiveurl=' and 'archivedescription='.


Some story[edit source | hide]

September 30, 2023

Story, blah foo bar, Baz Fred.


you should always cite more than one source. Do not list multiple publications with the same wire report; instead try to list the originating location.

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