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Apologies for taking up so much time before, and I would love to get back to contributing, with no hard feelings on my side. I wish to be unblocked to resume my minor edits in Wikipedia, which was always one of the main things I did here.

I only contributed occasional substantial edits once or twice a year. Two thirds of those are uncontroversial and the remaining third lead to hese controversys. Where it goes wrong for me here is if I work on an article for a long time, put a lot of work into it, and then someone else suddenly deletes it, who has never had anything to do with the article creation. I become verbose in my talk page discussions of what happened and what to do next.

I have copied all the deleted material into other wikis as per WP:OTHERWIKI. If I do anything like that here again, the plan is to get supports of co-editors with diverse views at the start of the process. This will help with gray area issues of encyclopedic tone, notability, reliable sources and WP:NPOV. I shouldn't have problems with verbosity if I do this.

I will also continue to work on reducing my word count in talk page conversations.

I have always been a good faith editor. Some editors in the debate were not aware that Wikipedia's license permits commercial use or dual use, CC by SA here and All Rights Reserved in my book. The article about my software was COI but not WP:PROMO. It was cited to a source frequently used for notability in similar software articles and a book with 560 cites in Google Scholar. I added a COI statement as soon as I discovered those guidelines back in 2011.

The WP:FRINGE article followed the guidelines for such articles, declaring its nature in the lede. The deleted material did not present my own views. It presented the views of the authors I cited including NASA.

If unblocked, I no longer wish to edit in the topic area of Mars astrobiology or planetary protection. I am the main editor of "Planetary Protection" here. Nearly 70% of the content and half the cites are by me. However, there is too much overlap with the deleted material. NASA's planetary protection office's aim is to sterilize Mars rovers to protect future searches for extant life on Mars (see for instance third video on their overview page). So, I can't edit that article if required to keep it consistent with Life on Mars. Instead I will edit the copy in my own wiki. It is up to other editors to resolve these discrepancies.

I will not cause any problems for other editors with minor edits. ut of ninety articles I edited in the year before the indef block, I had two reverts. WP:BOLD says that if your reverts aren't occasionally reverted perhaps you aren't being bold enough.

Thankyou for your time considering my appeal.

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