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Daniela Billi is an Italian astrobiologist working at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. She is known for her work on desert cyanobacteria of the genus Chroococcidiopsis.[1]

Work[edit | hide | hide all]

Daniela Billi showed that desert cyanobacteria from the genus Chroococcidiopsis are highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions including desiccation,[2] ionizing radiation,[3] UV radiation,[4] and various factors encountered in extraterrestrial environments (see for example [5]).

Due to insights given by her and her colleagues' work, Chroococcidiopsis is considered as a model genus when studying the current or past habitability of Mars (see for example [6]).

She and her colleagues also suggested that Chrooccoccidiopsis could be used in manned missions on Mars for the production of resources for astronauts.[7] To move in this direction, she developed genetic engineering tools for those cyanobacteria.[8]

She is maintaining the Culture Collection of Organisms from Extreme Environments (CCMEE) established by Imre Friedmann.[9]

Involvement in space missions[edit | hide]

Billi is involved in the EXPOSE-R2 mission, an astrobiogy experiment currently exposed outside of the International Space Station. She is responsible for experiments involving Chroococcidiopsis as part of the two major EPOSE-R2 subprojects: Biology and Mars Experiment (BIOMEX), and Biofilm Organisms Surfing Space (BOSS).[10][11]

References[edit | hide]

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