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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Progress box/config/doc

-- This module contains configuration data for [[Module:Progress box]].

return {

-- The date at which to start checking for existing categories, in YYYY-MM
-- format.
['start-date'] = '2004-03',

-- The heading for the subtotals
['subtotal-heading'] = 'Subtotals',

-- The format used for maintenance category dates. This should be input that is
-- valid for the #time parser function.
['date-format'] = 'F Y',

-- The format of dated maintenance categories for this wiki.
-- Parameters:
-- $1: the category base, e.g. "Articles to be split"
-- $2: the formatted date, e.g. "May 2015"
-- $3: preposition joining the category base and the date, e.g. "from"
-- $4: optional suffix
['dated-category-format'] = '$1 $3 $2 $4',

-- Default preoposition to use with the category-format message.
['dated-category-format-from'] = 'from',

-- Display text for the link to the undated articles category.
['undated-articles-label'] = 'Undated articles',

-- The format of categories containing all pages for a particular maintenance
-- task. This message is preprocessed.
-- Parameters:
-- $1: The undated category
['all-articles-category-format'] = 'All {{lcfirst:$1}}',

-- Heading for the "all articles" row. 
['all-articles-label'] = 'All articles',

-- Display text for the purge link.
['purge-link-display'] = '(refresh)',

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