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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Submit an edit request/config/doc

-- This module contains configuration data for [[Module:Submit an edit request]].

return {

-- Messages

-- The default display value for edit requests.
['default-display-value'] = 'Submit an edit request',

-- The template that stores the edit request preload text
['preload-template'] = 'Template:Submit an edit request/preload',

-- The section heading that is generated when a user clicks on an edit request
-- link. $1 is the protection level text, e.g. "Semi-protected" or
-- "Template-protected". $2 is the current date, in the format specified by the
-- "preload-title-date-format" message.
['preload-title-text'] = '$1 edit request on $2',

-- The date format for the automatically-generated section heading. The format
-- must be valid input for the #time parser function.
['preload-title-date-format'] = 'j F Y',

-- The name of the Main Page for this wiki.
['main-page'] = 'Main Page',

-- The page used to request changes to things on the Main Page.
['main-page-request-page'] = 'Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors',

-- The page used to request edits to protected talk pages.
['protected-talk-page-request-page'] = 'Wikipedia:Requests for page protection#Current requests for edits to a protected page',

-- The names of the templates to be used as wrappers for the "link" and "button"
-- functions. These are passed as arguments to the "wrappers" option of
-- [[Module:Arguments]].
['link-wrapper-template'] = 'Template:Submit an edit request/link',
['button-wrapper-template'] = 'Template:Submit an edit request',

-- Protection level config

protectionLevels = {

-- These settings are for the different protection levels which the module can
-- output edit request links for.
-- editintro:
-- The template to use as the edit intro users see when they click on an edit
-- request link.
-- request-template:
-- The name of the edit request template for that protection level. Do not
-- include the "Template:" text.
-- protectionlevel:
-- The name of the protection level, used for formatting the automatically-
-- generated section headings.

-- Semi-protection
semi = {
	editintro = 'Template:Edit semi-protected/editintro',
	requestTemplate = 'edit semi-protected',
	levelText = 'Semi-protected',

-- Extended-confirmed-protection
extended = {
	editintro = 'Template:Edit extended-protected/editintro',
	requestTemplate = 'edit extended-protected',
	levelText = 'Extended-confirmed-protected',

-- Template-protection
template = {
	editintro = 'Template:Edit template-protected/editintro',
	requestTemplate = 'edit template-protected',
	levelText = 'Template-protected',

-- Full protection
full = {
	editintro = 'Template:Edit protected/editintro',
	requestTemplate = 'edit fully-protected',
	levelText = 'Protected',


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