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Usage[edit | hide]

This template places categories into Category:Underpopulated categories. Change this with the optional first unnamed parameter, shown below, which will place the category into the parent categories listed below. Or, if there is a significant number of categories relating to one topic, create a new subcategory, add the parameter as shown here, and document it on this page.

Do not use this template on a category that may legitimately have few or no articles, pages, or other members. Such a category may need the {{Possibly empty category}} template.

Note that underpopulated categories and its relevant subcategories (as below) contain over 4,000 supposedly underpopulated categories, and has had a backlog for over 3 years. Please keep this in mind and use discretion before adding this to any category.

Parameters for {{popcat}} tag
Parameter Parent category
{{popcat|Underpopulated Australia categories}} Category:Underpopulated Australia categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated Canada categories}} Category:Underpopulated Canada categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated United States categories}} Category:Underpopulated United States categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated music categories}} Category:Underpopulated music categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated politics categories}} Category:Underpopulated politics categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated sports and games categories}} Category:Underpopulated sports and games categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated arts categories}} Category:Underpopulated arts categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated books categories}} Category:Underpopulated books categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated year categories}} Category:Underpopulated year categories
{{popcat|Underpopulated history categories}} Category:Underpopulated history categories

Multiple parameters[edit | hide]

In some situations, it may be appropriate to use more than one subcategory. This can be achieved by adding more that one parameter {{popcat|Underpopulated Canada categories|Underpopulated politics categories}}

Category count[edit | hide]

If the category member has more than 25 categories, it is automatically placed in Category:Categories with incorrect underpopulated category template. You can change the threshold with the |count= parameter. For example, to mark a category as underpopulated when it has below 50 members, use |count=50.

Category parameter[edit | hide]

To suppress category output, use a blank |category= parameter. You can also use this parameter to specify an alternative category to Category:Underpopulated categories, e.g. |category=[[Category:My custom category]]. It will override all categories specified with the positional parameters.

Pages parameters[edit | hide]

The word "articles" can be changed to something else, e.g. with |pages=pages, |pages=templates, |pages=files, etc.

See also[edit | hide]

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