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For a machine-generated list, see Special:Version#mw-version-parser-extensiontags. It may include tags not documented here.

Parser tags
<gallery>, <includeonly>, <noinclude>, <nowiki>, <onlyinclude>, <pre>
Extension tags
<categorytree>, <ce>, <chem>, <charinsert>, <graph>, <hiero>, <imagemap>, <indicator>, <inputbox>, <mapframe>, <math>, <math chem>, <poem>, <ref>, <references>, <score>, <section>, <syntaxhighlight> (alias <source>), <templatedata>, <timeline>
Template documentation

This is a list of parser and extension tags (MediaWiki XML elements) used on en.Wikipedia. This list is transcluded by (at least) Template:Xtag/doc and Help:Strip markers.

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