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Deleted material[edit source | hide | hide all]

I probably need to respond briefly on the other points, but will collapse it as you may not need this information.

other details

I didn't use Wikipedia for WP:PROMO, and cited my software to a source often used to establish notability in the topic area[1][2][3][4][5]. I

I did not attempt to get my own views into Wikipedia. The title of the Modern Mars Habitability article comes from an Astrobiology sub-session[1] and I was doing my best to summarize sources such as NASA[2]

The Wikipedia license permits commercial use. It also permits dual licensing[6][3], CC by SA here and all rights reserved in my book.

The article I contributed on fringe medicine[7] followed the guidelines for such articlesWP:FRINGE

Note, previously I was the main editor of Planetary protection. However, if unblocked, I will not return to that article, because of a connection with the deleted material.

More deletes[edit source | hide]

Only one comment in the debate relates to wikignoming[8]. The Hawking Radiation edit was a copy of my Black hole edit[9], and has not been changed by anyone since the indef block in either article. Black hole especially is a Good article[10] with 1,859 watchers[11]. It was immediately reviewed by WolfmanSF[12] who retained the sources and conclusions and made small changes. The other two minor edits I mentioned in the debate are also still there[13][14][15][16] and many others I have contributed over the years.

The Perigean spring tide edit was a mistake[17]. However WP:BOLD says "Think about it this way: if you don't find one of your edits being reverted now and then, perhaps you're not being bold enough".

On lunar platinum I vaguely remember some forum discussion of Dennis Wingo's lunar platinum idea[18][19] and what might happen if it was combined with ultra low cost exports from the Moon using rotovators[20]. I may have discussed whether platinum could be used in the construction industry similar to copper[21]. Whatever I said there is of no relevance to Wikipedia.

The other matters discussed relate to content creation. My plan for the future should prevent such issues arising again.

  1. Session Topics - ArbSciCon 2017:
    • Theme: Solar System Sites
    • Session: Mars
    • Subsession: Habitability
    • Topic: Modern Mars Habitability
    • Summary:

    "Recent discoveries on Mars, including recurring slope lineae, ground ice, and active gully formation, have been interpreted as indications for the transient presence of water. The potential for liquid water on Mars has profound implications for the habitability of the modern Mars environment. This session solicits papers that examine the evidence for habitable environments on Mars, present results about life in analogs to these environments, discuss hypotheses to explain the active processes, evaluate issues for planetary protection, and explore the implications for future explorations of Mars."

  2. Hamilton, V.E., Rafkin, S., Withers, P., Ruff, S., Yingst, R.A., Whitley, R., Center, J.S., Beaty, D.W., Diniega, S., Hays, L. and Zurek, R., Mars Science Goals, Objectives, Investigations, and Priorities: 2015 Version.

    "Goal I: determine if Mars ever supported life

    • Objective A: ...[past life].
    • Objective B: determine if environments with high potential for current habitability and expression of biosignatures contain evidence of extant life."

    Please note - I give this and the other cites solely to show that I was presenting views expressed by others and not myself.

  3. "It is legally possible to add more restrictions than the original license in some cases, for example, releasing a derivative work under all rights reserved which incorporates source materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license." Compatibility among different CC licenses
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