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My real name is Robert Walker. My business is called "robertinventor" and I'm a sole trader in the UK selling my own software (written by myself) over the internet. I'm also a mathematician as well as a programmer, but haven't done much by way of research for a long time now. I have a special interest in microtonal music as programmer, also dabble in microtonal composition as an amateur with occasional short pieces. And use my Fractal Tune Smithy program to make more elaborate demo microtonal fractal tunes - similar approach to visual fractals. I have a keen interest in astronomy and space exploration, and grew up in the space age, remember watching the Apollo landings in the late 1960s on TV watching the missions for hours on end. One of my Astronomy heroes is Patrick Moore. Also Carl Sagan.

As well as that, I write answers for Quora, where I have been selected as one of their top writers in 2014 through to 2018, on many topics, namely life on Mars, extraterrestrial beings, etc. I also write a column on Science20 mainly about Mars and space colonization issues and search for life, and about false doomsdays, also sometimes covering topics in music and maths and microtonal music, and artificial intelligence (I get no remuneration for this). I've also appeared several times as a guest on The Space Show hosted by David Livingston, to talk about planetary protection for missions to Mars, and about possible future experiments in artificial gravity in LEO. See Robert Walker - on the Space Show

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