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Contamination issues[edit | hide | hide all]

This is the main content disputed by both Warren Platts and Battery Included:

I'd like to be able to add material on the contamination issues, e.g. on Planetary protection, Interplanetary contamination and Back contamination.

It seems that some kind of restraint ruling is the only way that could happen at present, due to the behaviour of my opponents.

Dispute resolution can't work. They behave in outrageous ways, never apologize and recently Warren Platts did offer dispute resolution but immediately after insulting me without apology, and with the additional requirement that if he wins, I must never edit Project Mars again. That doesn't seem like a genuine dispute resolution process and I don't think it was intended as one.

To deal with issues of POV balance I would work on these articles with the help of a colleague who has the opposite POV to me and who is a friend of Zubrin. Perhaps after a reasonable amount of time to get them in shape, the results of our efforts could be subject to a RfC or some such.

I can well understand if a restraint ruling is not recommended or possible.

If so, I see no point in attempting dispute resolution at this stage and will simply give up on the attempt to edit them and wait for a time when perhaps opinions are changed.

Though everything is quiet right now I think it would probably all start up again if I attempted any editing of wikipedia on topics of contamination issues. But perhaps in the future opinions will change and the whole episode will get forgotten somewhat.

Habitability of Mars surface[edit | hide]

This is the material disputed by BatteryIncluded on Life on the surface of Mars, which I want to use as a basis for a new article:

There have been many papers and a major conference on the present day habitability of Mars, focusing on surface habitats. News summary: Mars May Be Habitable Today, Scientists Say.

Battery Included calls this WP:CHEESE unless you qualify all the statements with the observation that surface habitability of Mars is impossible due to cosmic radiation - something that no-one in the conference said.

I wish to add material on this, restoring material removed by Battery Included and expanding it. There is easily enough material for a separate page about it.

Since Battery Included won't talk to me on the topic, dispute resolution is impossible.

If I could be permitted to create such an article without interruption, for later discussion under AfD if desired - that would solve that issue.

It is important that any AfD would be on the article as is without post editing by Battery Included or Warren Platts before the discussion starts, because if edited with statements to say that habitability is impossible throughout, then it would be a confusing page, unlikely to survive AfD.

The relevance of this to contamination issues is that if there are micro-habitats on the surface of Mars, this makes it harder to contemplate human missions to the surface because micro-organisms associated with humans would risk contaminating the habitats.

Project of Mars bias[edit | hide]

Finally, I feel that Project Mars is biased towards Mars surface colonization advocacy. This is especially so recently after Warren Platts removed the concerns section from Colonization of Mars, leaving only Advocacy, and removed Concerns from Manned mission to Mars leaving a very short Challenges section in its place.

I don't know if anything can be done about that. I have no solution to offer here, but open to suggestions.

Verbal attacks restraint[edit | hide]

I'm not sure that an interaction ban is needed, but if it is possible to restrain the personal attacks in some way, and especially, the repeated warnings to other editors not to interact with me, that would be useful.

These attacks make it hard for me to interact with other editors.

They also obscure discussion on talk pages. Either I don't defend myself and everything I posted looks as if it must be crazy or stupid because I get these comments on them saying so, or I do reply, and then you get long involved conversations where I attempt to defend myself and the material against the allegations, just to get more insults and allegations in reply, and no-one else can understand what it is all about.

Also, my replies tend to get longer and longer. It is partly because short replies always have things my opponents can pick on that weren't said, to insult me about, because you can't say everything in a short sentence, and partly because I write a lot when panic.

They also lead to anxiety on my part, from time to time I have been quite overwhelmed by all the insults, silly though it is to let such a thing upset you. I get over it reasonably quickly but it is distressing.

This has all eased up recently, but I think only because I have stopped editing on these topics, and Warren Platts has also stopped editing.

Note that he was only an occasional editor until this whole thing started. He was very active on Wikipedia to remove my edits. Now that that is over he has stopped editing wikipedia again.

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