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Draft of my DRN statement. Please DO NOT LINK TO THIS FROM ELSEWHERE. I will add it to the DRN[1] when it is ready for discussion. If it is necessary to say something about it right away, use this user draft's talk page. It will be on my watch list. I will convert the names to pings only when I add it to the DRN.

Summary of dispute by Robertinventor[edit | hide | hide all]

I believe the reason for this DRN is that I objected[2] when Ms Sarah Welch removed my POV tag[3][4] from the Four Noble Truths. Please note that this was preceded by WP:TPOs by Joshua Jonathan who deleted my first post in several months from the talk page[5], and then when [6] reverted it, by Ms Sarah Welch who then collapsed it[7]. This was followed by another attempt on WP:ANI to get me topic banned by JJ, which lead Softlavender to warn him about trumping up a non-issue, and that if he persisted, she would request a boomerang, in view of his WP:TPO[8][9][10].

In my view we have two WP:SUBPOVs here. To demonstrates this, and the impossibility of consensus editing, see: evidence from editing history. Sutra tradition editors have given up attempting to edit now except for the Anatta article. They make occasional edit attempts there, but these are reverted by JJ etc.

There are few active editors remaining in the topic area with the SUBPOV of sutra tradition Buddhism. My hope is that by adding a POV tag we can get comments from readers, including previously active editors, and invite discussion. So, what I propose is to add POV tags to the four core articles Four Noble Truths, Karma in Buddhism, Anatta and Nirvana. I would like to leave the tags in place for at least several months to get some discussion going.

My current proposal is to separate out the SUBPOVs. This is already done in the religion topic area, for instance, Resurrection of Jesus has four versions according to WP:SUBPOVs. The idea is to use the current mature articles and the ones from before JJ's non consensus major rewrites in 2014 as starting points. I had some hope that JJ etc would agree to this, but we haven't achieved consensus. However I can still present it as one idea for the POV discussions.

Here is evidence that the western academics themselves recognize the two SUBPOVs. Here is a summary of some of the differences in the SUBPOVs.

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