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Unblock request[edit | hide | hide all]

This blocked user is asking that his block be reviewed:

Robertinventor (block logactive blocksglobal blocksautoblockscontribsdeleted contribsfilter logcreation logchange block settingsunblockcheckuser (log))

Request reason:

Firstly, apologies for taking up so much of everyone’s time in the past. With guidance from friends, I have been able to learn valuable lessons on Wiki editing. I would now like to re-engage, mainly as a wikignome, with no hard feelings on my side.

I hope nobody doubts that I am a good faith editor. The deleted article was an attempt to present views of others who I evaluated in good faith as a WP:RS. E.g. "one giant dinner plate for Earth organisms" quotes a NASA official[1]. With the eutectics sections I just forgot to add the cite which is given later in the article[2]. I never cite myself, rather, remove such cites[3]. The non MEDRS fringe medicine article was good faith too, the outcome of this talk page discussion: [4].

As per WP:OTHERWIKIS the deleted content is in other wikis or blogs. I accept the consensus decision to delete it here and will avoid those topics.

The deleted articles were ones I worked on By myself for a long time, with only help from wikignomes. That seems to be the main issue.

As an indef blocked editor I can't submit anything for "Good article" status to show my competence as a wikignome. However I can give some evidence. The Planetary protection article is 68.8% mine (checked with WhoColor[5]). More than half the cites were added by me. The editor who was most strongly in favour of deleting my Modern Mars Habitability article contributed 5.7% of its content under the names of BatteryIncluded and Rowan Forest. She retained almost all my cites and content, surely evidence most of it is okay? I use this just to show I can write good content. If unblocked, I will not even do minor edits of this page because of connection with deleted material[6][7], but edit my copy[8].

I am the main editor of Hexany[9], and the result of its AfD was Keep[10] showing there is something of value there. I contributed minor edits to another article[11] which was later passed as a Good article[12] which retains all the cites I added. My minor edit of Black Hole[13] was of an article with (1,859 watchers[14] and it is a Good article[15]) where it was immediately reviewed by WolfmanSF[16]. It is still there[17]. In the year before the block, I fixed over 90 articles[18], with only 2 reverts[19]. Nobody has ever raised issues with my wikignoming before the indef block.

I hope this shows that I can be an asset to Wikipedia. My plan to avoid issues is to do minor edits and corrections for six months, and then work with collaborators from the start, as I do on Wikinews[20][21][22][23]. Then we'd submit it for review as a Good Article, similarly to WikiNews.

If you think I should only do wikignoming, that is actually the main reason I wish to be unblocked. For examples see: [24].

Thank you for your time in considering this appeal.


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